Car Interiors


Your family deserves clean & hygienic travel, that's why this interior cleaning is so essential for car. Car interior, removing dirt & marks areas of the interior surface.

Car Accessories


The moment you become the owner of a car, we understand that you want nothing but the best car accessories for your car's interiors and exterior.

Car Exteriors


Complete cleanup of your car from boot to bonnet plus addition to thorough cleaning, this treatment imparts a Glossy look to the car and forms a protective layer on it.


HOT WHEELZ is one step shop for your complete car accessories requirements and 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the fitments and services we provide. We always keep in mind while fitting accessories, not to tamper any wiring or other items so that your car warranty does not void.
We are committed to provide high quality service, which control the quality of products during our entire service process of the car accessories. We also have got the experience on our side to offer you the best car accessories deal. With our quality car accessories, get ready for a stylish and luxurious ride. Check out our showroom today!
HOT WHEELZ is amongst the top business houses in siliguri. Its footprint stretches over a wide range of industries, spanning automobiles (Four-wheelers). The HOT WHEELZ may be differentiated by its integrity, dedication, resourcefulness, Best Customer Service and the determination to succeed.


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